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We love nothing more than a perfectly cut lawn here at Tailor Turf. Being from Yorkshire must have something to do with it, we do love a bit of open green!

Lawn turf is a quick and effective way to transform any exterior and increase the value of a property by up to 20%. It comes with many environmental and health benefits too.

Our experience and knowhow allows us to produce some of the highest quality turf available on direct delivery. We’ve helped businesses attract more customers and transformed the image of family dwellings throughout the UK.

When it comes to buying turf online, we’re on hand to offer expert advice and useful tips any time you need us!

Buy Turf Online


Our best selling garden turf can be delivered free to your door from as little as £2.95 per square metre. Alternatively, contact Tailor Turf today to obtain a quote to have our expert landscapers quote to install your new garden turf!

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Why Choose Turf?

There are lots of advantages to buying lawn turf, including many environmental benefits. Of course, real grass turf is a living and breathing entity. Installing grass that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air can only be a good thing. You’re doing your bit for the environment! Real grass also self-cleans so there is no need for disinfectant as there is with artificial grass.

Family time in the garden is much more enjoyable with a perfectly laid lawn. With a lush green surface to relax and play, grass turf can help towards lowering stress and impact injuries when your little ones fall over. In extremely hot temperatures, real grass turf does not rise in temperature the same way other ground surfaces do either.

Do you have a patch of land exposed to the elements? Leaving areas of soil exposed to wind and water can lead to soil erosion. Losing so much topsoil over time reduces the amount of vegetation and dry patches will start to occur. Lawn turf allows you to control this erosion and absorb rainwater properly.

Choosing the Right Turf

Choosing the right product is key to obtaining the lawn you’re hoping for. Lawn turf comes in different grades and types suited to a range of applications.

Your choice of turf will be determined by the growing conditions and its purpose primarily. You will need to think of the following:

  • How often will people walk on the lawn?

  • How much rainfall do you experience?

  • What soil type does your area have?

  • How big is the area you wish to cover?

Why Choose Turf?


Our premium putting green golf turf can be delivered to your door from as little as £4.95 per square metre. Alternatively, contact Tailor Turf today to obtain a quote to have our expert team quote to install your new putting green turf!

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How Much Should You Order?

You should order enough turf to cover your desired area – plus just a little bit more. This is for back-up purposes. Stick an extra 10% more on to your measurements as an example, just to be safe. Turf installation is relatively straight-forward and you shouldn’t experience too many errors. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you do experience some difficulties, at least you will have some spare!

Tailor Turf can also supply top soil. We will provide top soil at £65 per tonne (bulk bag). Please request this when placing your order if required.

The team here at Tailor Turf are more than happy to advise which is the best option for you. Just give us a call on 0113 880 0261.

Turf Lawns Vs Seed Lawns

This is an age-old debate amongst gardeners and horticulturists across the land!

Naturally, we of course believe that turf lawn is the best way to go!

You obtain real quality much faster with turf lawn!

Here are the other benefits that turf has over seed:

  • You can make an instant visual impact

  • Turf does not wash away from sloped areas

  • Less watering is required

  • Turf lawn can be installed all year round

Turf Vs Seed Lawn

For larger areas seeding can be the preferred option.

Many people do prefer to use seed as it’s a lot cheaper than any form of turf installation. Some people just get a kick out of growing their own grass and there is a lot more choice of seed than there is turf.

There are many disadvantages to using seed though:

  • Birds love to eat seed

  • Takes a long time to establish a complete lawn

  • Requires a lot of maintenance early on

  • Heavy rain will wash seeds away from sloped areas

Turf Vs Seed Lawn

Guaranteed Quality with Tailor Turf

Here at Tailor Turf you are guaranteed a top-quality product and remarkable results. We have years of experience and knowhow, so you can rely on us for skilled practice and trustworthy advice. We can deliver your chosen turf directly to your door and even help you install it.

To talk to us about a product or arrange a delivery click here or call us on 0113 880 0261.