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Yes, it is possible for you to install turf without professional help. Although, for best results, we always advise using an expert installation specialist. It will save you a lot of time and effort!

You can learn what is required for the whole process by visiting our Turf Installation page.

We prefer to install turf in the Autumn as the job can be made much quicker/easier by the weather. The ground is still relatively warm and will have plenty of water from rainfall. In the UK we rarely experience long periods of drought though so pretty much any time of year is good for laying turf”

It is possible but we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Soil should be prepared in the same way you would for seeding for the best results.

At least 10-15cm.

Undoubtedly. We recommend having at least 10cm of good quality, free draining and fertile soil for the best results. If you lack depth or quality, then we suggest toping up your area with some purchased top soil from a reputable supplier.

Grass turf is a living thing threatened by pests, weeds and potential diseases. For it to survive and flourish it must be fed water and nutrients on a regular basis. Fertiliser will help your turf fend off pests and grow strong for years to come.

For tips and advice on preparation please visit our Turf Installation page.

You should choose a type of turf that matches your purpose and location. For more information please visit our Buy Turf Online page.

Multiply the length of your area by its width. Then add an extra 5% or 10% just to be on the safe side.

You can mow your lawn within a few weeks of installation. Make sure you keep your blades relatively high and lower them slightly with each cut. Always cut in alternate directions each time you mow the lawn

For the first two weeks, you should water the turf two times a day, dawn and dusk. Then in the second week only once a day is required. Once the roots have imbedded into the soil you can water as and when required or the weather determines.

Delivery is available to UK mainland addresses.

Free Delivery  – On orders over 30 square meters.

Orders under 30 square meters incur a £30 Delivery Charge.

Free Delivery is only available on our garden turf. Other grasses will incur delivery charges.