Lawn Care Guide

Tailor Turf supply and install premium quality lawns in the Yorkshire area and beyond. Our professional and reliable service doesn’t stop after installation though!

Our team of experts and turf specialists are here to provide excellent maintenance advice and lawn care information. We can help you get the very best from your new lawn all year round!

There are approximately 10,000 different species of grass on this planet. You may think your lawn is the same as every other, but with over 600 categories to choose from you’d be wrong! It is important that you have the right maintenance schedule and technique in place to match the type of grass that you have.

Lawn care is vital to the upkeep of the pleasing aesthetic a lovely lawn can provide.

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We’ve been perfecting lawns for centuries! Not us personally, but humans in general! People were using grass seeds and turf as a way of embellishing the area around buildings as far back as medieval times. Learn what it takes to create and maintain the perfect lawn right here on the Tailor Turf lawn care guide page.

These days you would expect the following from a top-quality lawn:

  • Good density without being too hard

  • Visually pleasing and clean grass

  • A level and even surface

  • Consistent colour and texture

  • Good tolerance to wear and tear

These are the elements that mark the foundations for a perfect lawn.

Whether you’re creating a personal sun lounging spot or a place for your pets to run wild – we have your lawn care agenda sorted!

What Makes the Perfect Lawn? Tailor Turf

Putting the Right Schedule in Place

Timing is super important when it comes to lawn care. You can have all the best products and techniques, but still fail to achieve the best results with bad scheduling. For example, renovation work is best left to spring/autumn months when shoot and root growth is at its maximum.

You need to do a little more than just water and mow your lawn for the best results too. There are other minor little jobs that you can do to improve your long-term turf’s health and development. Operations such as weed control and moss maintenance will contribute towards this.

Controlling Moss Growth

Tips for Controlling Moss Growth by Tailor Turf

There are over 600 species of moss in the UK and approximately 30 of those can be found in turf.

Techniques to reduce moss growth include:

  • Improving drainage

  • Reducing the level of shade

  • Applying lawn sand or similar fertiliser

  • Raising the height of your mower blade (allowing grass to outcompete moss)

  • Chemical intervention may be required

This plant attracts water and can become very slippery under foot. There are typically two methods to preventing moss growth – there are cultural methods and chemical methods. The cultural method is natural and involves standard agricultural techniques to prevent conditions for moss growth in the first place.

If moss has already begun to develop in your garden then chemical control may be needed first, before employing cultural techniques to control regrowth over time. This is so the grass can totally ‘reclaim’ the turf area beforehand.

Application of the chemical ‘dichlorophen’ will kill the plant effectively. On harder surfaces moss growth, can be controlled using Borax, Glyphosate or Simazine. Dead moss can be removed with a rake or stiff brush.

Tailor Turf Trouble Shooter

Is your lawn showing off-colour areas or dry patches of grass? Perhaps a certain section of your turf is dying or already dead? Yellowing is also a common problem for turf owners across the UK. Whether your turf us growing too thin, or not growing at all, the team here at Tailor Turf can help troubleshoot your problems.

Our care and professionalism doesn’t stop at installation and we’re here to keep your lawn looking lovely all year round.

Simply call us on 0113 880 0261 or visit our contact page to get in touch. We can help build a lawn care package tailored around your specific needs and issues.