Turf Installation Tailored to You

Our professional turf installation specialists will ensure the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

By using trained and experienced fitters working to exacting standards, you can achieve the very best from your Tailor Turf installation.

We are here to help during and after your installation process, offering expert advice to maintain the best results from your tailored turf surface.

If you’re wondering about installing your own turf, why not check out our FAQs?

We also supply quality turf at competitive prices direct to customers wishing to install it themselves!

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We like to keep things honest and transparent here at Tailor Turf. Our process isn’t lengthy or particularly difficult. But our years of experience and technical skill mean we deliver perfect results on-time, every time! Here is the process from start to finish…

Preparing Your Ground

Preparing for Turf Installation

First off, we use a turf cutter or spade to remove any existing turf from the area.

The soil must be turned over and any large stones or bits of debris should be removed.

If the quality of soil is poor or uneven then top it up with some purchased topsoil.

Typically, a good lawn will require at least 100mm depth of good quality topsoil.

Rake the ground to provide a level surface. You can also use a lawn roller to establish soft areas.

The ground should be firm but not too compact. To avoid drainage issues always slope your surface slightly away any foundations.

Finally, rake some fertiliser through the topsoil and add a little water to provide a moist base for your turf.

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Installing Your Tailored Turf

It is important that you start to install your turf immediately and protect the pre-laid product from hot weather on delivery.

You should begin at the longest straightest edge and continue strip-by-strip around the perimeter.

It is extremely important that you do not walk directly onto the soil or newly-installed turf during this process. Put down boards or planks of wood to walk on instead.

Joints should be staggered just like brickwork.

Your edges and ends need to sit together tightly without overlapping. Any overlaps should be cut away neatly using a large sharp cutting tool.

Small strips left on outer edges will not retain water so this should be avoided too.

After installation, roll the ground to remove any air pockets and to improve the contact between turf/soil.

Installing Turf the right way with Tailor Turf

Give it Some Water

After all that you will need a drink – both you and the turf! Water your turf immediately after installation using a sprinkler or hose for around 30-45 minutes.

Make sure to water the edges and corners. In the first week, you will need to do this twice a day and then once a day in the second week.

After two weeks your turf should be firmly rooted. It can now be watered as and when necessary. Ensure it does not become too dry in hot/windy conditions and your turf should flourish!

Taking Care of Your Turf

We recommend fertilising your new turf once every 4-6 weeks in the growing season. Frequent fertilising with small amounts will achieve the best results. We strongly advise you not to cut or mow your turf until you are sure it has rooted. Once it has rooted then regular cutting will ensure your new lawn remains perfectly level and simply beautiful.

Benefits of Your New Tailored Turf

A fresh new lawn not only looks good, it also adds significant value to your property. With professional installation and proper care, your exterior will become a treasured asset to your home, business or sports premises. With the Tailor Turf team you will obtain expert advice, professional assistance and incredible results.

Talk to one of our staff members today about your installation needs or anything turf related at all.

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Please note: Because each job is different, to help assess the costs accurately, customers can call us and send through photographs via message or email so we can give an accurate approximate price over the phone.

Should there be any changes on the day of installation, or a drainage problem is uncovered/incorrect measurements have been given the price may differ to your quote. 

Tailor Turf  will not proceed with the work until the final price is agreed with the customer on the day of installation.

Looking to Install Your Own Turf?

Tailor Turf can supply four varieties of premium turf and quality top soil too! UK delivery available!

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